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There are many ways to create a Wikipedia page; details of all of them can be found here. Below, we will just go through some of the simplest ways to create and build a Wikipedia page with an emphasis on applying a de-colonial lens.

While browsing Wikipedia, you may come across a red link, which indicates a page which has not yet been created. If you see one and click on it, you will have the option to create the page.

A sentence from a Wikipedia article. The sentence begins in black 'A red link', followed by in red 'like this example' followed again in black by 'signifies that the linked-to page does not exist'.
From Wikipedia:Red link

If you want to create a page for a practitioner whose name you haven’t seen in a red link elsewhere on Wikipedia, search their name in the Wikipedia search bar. If it has not yet been created, you will be given the option to do so. It will look something like this:

Wikipedia screenshot. It reads, in black, 'There were no results matching the query. You may create the page', followed in red by 'Red-linked Text You Searched For'.

However you arrive here, it can be very daunting to be faced with a blank Wikipedia page waiting to be populated with credible information – we recommend collaborating with others if you are starting from scratch. Here’s how to get going:

  • Find basic information from credible sources
    • Recordings: A Select Bibliography of Contemporary African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian British Art (download) is a great place to start – it provides lists of works/exhibitions for many Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority artists which you can very easily incorporate onto a Wikipedia page without writing anything new or complicated.
  • Think about why you wanted to make the page – what does the world need to know about this artist? Why do you think they are important for the canon of your subject area? How best can you celebrate this artist with a view to empowering following generations of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority artists?
  • Create some clear headings
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Reference everything as you go
A screenshot of a blank Wikipedia sandbox
A blank Wikipedia sandbox

New pages are edited in the sandbox which only you can see until you go live. “Publish changes” does not make the page go live – just saves any changes you have made.

Here’s how an edit might look:

A screenshot of the Wikipedia page of Shirazeh Houshiary. It contains subheadings 'Life and work', 'Notes and references' and 'External links'.
Another screenshot of Houshiary's Wikipedia page. This updated version shows two additional subheadings after 'Life and work', which are 'Solo exhibitions (pre-1996)' and 'Group exhibitions (pre-1996)'.
After, newly populated with relevant information about exhibitions

When you are ready to publish your new page, you ‘move’ it from the sandbox onto Wikipedia. The page will be live immediately however may not show up in search engines for a few weeks or even months. Linking to your new page in other Wikipedia pages, as well as from any other external websites you have, can help to speed this process up.

For further help, please check out the forum and FAQ page.

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