Art Histories

A screenshot of a Padlet containing entries from students as part of a workshop on decolonising Wikipedia

The Decolonising Wikipedia Network aims to bring together students and staff to edit and create pages for underrepresented and misrepresented practitioners and topics with a view to creating a fairer and more representational point of reference. We know that representation has a direct impact on student belonging and success (NUS UUK, 2019), so ensuring that topics, artists and thinkers from diverse backgrounds are fairly represented is a useful intervention in the Euro/White-centric canon that has been tradition for so long.

Here are some examples of Wikipedia pages that have been created and edited by DWN network members, for specific artists and art practices:

Decolonising Art Histories on Wikipedia

A conversation between Dr Anjalie Dalal-Clayton and Lucy Panesar at University of the Arts London on the opportunities for decolonising art histories through Wikipdia editing, drawing on research into Black and Asian artists for the AHRC funded project Black Artists in Modernism.