What you can do

Regardless of your role or experience, anyone can edit Wikipedia! Here, you will find guidance on how to get started with editing Wikipedia, alongside resources for hosting your own Wikipedia editing sessions.

Decolonising Wikipedia: Wikipedia Editing Introduction Video

A short video produced by UAL Decolonising Wikipedia Assistants Alex Goodall and Nat Li Lin Steinhouse. The video provides an introduction to the notion of editing Wikipedia through a decolonial, anti-racist lens, with practical guidance on various aspects of Wikipedia editing. Find more guidance and information on UAL Decolonising Wikipedia here.

You can download the slides featured in the video here:

Click here for more detailed guidance

Click here for FAQs and other help

Are you:

  • a staff member hosting Wikipedia sessions for students?

Powerpoint template for introductory session:

Powerpoint template for activity-based session:

  • a host of an editathon/cafe or someone wanting to review Wikipedia pages?

Wikipedia editing cafe Powerpoint template:

Look at these existing worklists to find topics to edit:

Art Histories

London’s Colonial Her/Histories

Or make a copy of this worklist template to create your own.

  • an independent Wikipedia editor?
    • Use the above guidance to get started
    • Reach out to the network via the Teams site


UAL students and staff can find support and other editors by posting to the Decolonising Wikipedia Network teams site (UAL login required).