The Decolonising Wikipedia Network supports UAL students and staff to play an active role in the decolonisation of knowledge and Wikipedia editing as a form of knowledge activism. A series of online public events and workshops are planned for the 2021-22 academic year. Please find dates, details and recordings below.

Public Events

Three online public events are planned through 2021-22 as part of the DWN London’s Colonial Her/Histories project. These events are for project promotion, discussion and dissemination regarding the researching of London’s Colonial Her/Histories and/or editing Wikipedia pages related to this, including presentations from DWN members and guests from external organisations.

The events are being held online in Zoom on Tuesday 2 November 2021, Tuesday 8 February 2022 and Tuesday 10 May 2022. Video recordings are included below from events that have already taken place, plus the 18 May 2021 event discussing the 1911 Festival of Empire.

Student-Staff Workshops

Decolonising Wikipedia workshops, cafes and editathons are also taking place through 2021-22, to support UAL students and staff with various aspects of editing Wikipedia through a decolonial lens, including articles related to London’s Colonial Her/Histories. These sessions will cover all or some of the following, depending on the needs and interests of those attending: 

  • Editing Wikipedia as an anti-racist, decolonial act  
  • Creating a Wikipedia account, understanding how Wikipedia works  
  • Critically evaluating existing Wikipedia content, drafting new content  
  • Sourcing information and imagery, image copyright and licensing  
  • Editing a Wikipedia page, creating a new Wikipedia page  

The next UAL staff-student session will be the launch of a Decolonising Wikipedia Editathon on Friday 11 March 2022, 2-4.30pm, followed by a Virtual Cafe on Friday 18 March 1.30-4.30pm and Editing Workshop on Friday 22 April 2-4pm. All live events and presentations will be hosted and recorded within the UAL Decolonising Wikipedia Network dedicated Teams site, a space for UAL staff and students to get help, find resources, share progress and editing tips.

The video recording below is from the first Decolonising Wikipedia Network introduction event for LCC students and staff in 2020.

Separate DWN workshops are taking place in-curricula as arranged by Lucy with Course Leaders and co-facilitated where possible by DWN Assistants Alex Goodall and Nat Li Lin Steinhouse. 

If you have any questions about the events or experience have issues booking onto them, please email DWN lead Lucy Panesar on