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Sign-up to the UAL Decolonising Wikipedia Network is currently paused for the summer break and will re-open in October 2021. Please come back then. In the meantime, you can find some tips below on how to get started as a DWN member, examples of editing by DWN members and information about the forthcoming project London Colonial Her/Histories.

For non-UAL visitors: the Decolonising Wikipedia Network is set up to  support UAL students and staff, but we invite you to follow guidance within this website and to set up similar networks in your own communities and organisations. Wikimedia UK are happy to support individual and organisations to do this as part of their expert outreach work.  Alternatively, if you would like to support or participate in one of our DWN projects, as an individual or as part of another organisation, please email Lucy on 

Identify pages to edit

  • Look up in Wikipedia a practitioner or topic you’re interested in or know about.
  • Is there anything in Wikipedia about the practitioner or topic? If so, what kind of information and how much? 
  • Does the Wikipedia entry reflect the breadth of the practitioner’s achievements and practice? Everything there is to know about the topic?
  • Do you know anything off the top of your head that is not on the page? If this is the case, chances are there will be a lot more for you to add once you start researching.

Identify reliable and credible sources

  • For entries to be published in Wikipedia, they need to meet certain notability criteria, and this relies on the reliability and credibility of information being added.
  • UAL Library is a great place to start for finding credible sources of information. Many physical books have been uploaded as e-resources in light of the pandemic, and you can always search ‘Articles Plus’ to find much more reliable content from reputable sources such as journals, specialist magazines and theses. 
  • Check to see if information sources are peer-reviewed as this can increase their credibility.
  • If you come across a source and you are unsure of its credibility, check out the Help + FAQs page, where you can find guidance or get in touch with a member of the Network for help.
Don’t worry - Editing a publicly available resource can be daunting! The network is set up to provide support, between members, through each step of the process. For support, email Lucy on
Don’t forget - Our aim as a network is to decolonise Wikipedia by expanding the representation of practitioners and topics overlooked within the traditional Eurocentric canon. If you feel that your edits aren’t contributing to this common goal, get in touch with other members of the network or Lucy for advice and guidance. 


Here are some helpful links and resources for further guidance:

Still got questions or need help?

Check out the help page where you can find answers or get in touch.

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