Become a member of the Decolonising Wikipedia Network

From 8 October 2021, UAL students and staff can sign-up to the Decolonising Wikipedia Network using this online form. DWN operates on a voluntary basis and there is no minimum or maximum commitment; you can edit as little or as much as you like and you can leave at anytime. Before completing the form, you are asked to first read and accept the DWN terms and conditions and privacy information.

Once you have signed-up, you will be added to the DWN Members Teams site (UAL login required) and sent an email with instructions to join the DWN Outreach Dashboard. In the Outreach Dashboard you can assign Wikipedia pages to yourself to edit or create, and see which Wikipedia pages other DWN members have assigned themselves to. Once you’ve joined the dashboard, any Wikipedia editing you do under your Wikipedia username will count towards to the collective activity of the UAL Decolonising Wikipedia Network.

On this website you can find guidance on Wikipedia editing, examples of editing by DWN members, and information about the 2021-22 DWN project London Colonial Her/Histories. You can approach Wikipedia editing on your own or in collaboration with other DWN members. The best way to connect with other members is through the dedicated DWN Members Teams site.

If you have any questions about becoming a member or need help signing-up, please email Lucy Panesar on 

For non-UAL visitors

The Decolonising Wikipedia Network is set up to support UAL students and staff, but we invite you to follow guidance within this website and to set up similar networks in your own communities and organisations. Wikimedia UK are happy to support individuals and organisations to do this as part of their expert outreach work. Alternatively, if you would like to support our DWN projects, as an individual or as part of another organisation, please email Lucy Panesar on